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Wellness and spa in Alto Adige - Trentino / Dolomites

Wellness & relax

A holiday at Garni Moser has so many facets: from eventful to deeply relaxing. Which variant will you choose today? Start the day comfortably, let the sun shine on your face in the communal garden and let your eyes wander over the panorama. Lounge lazily in the sun, read a good book and simply do nothing. Pure relaxation.

Alternatively: First the adventure, then the relaxing pleasure. After all, what could be better than recharging your batteries after a long day in the fresh mountain air – at our wellness centre in Olang. Our in-house sauna oasis with a quiet room is the perfect place to feel good, relax and enjoy.

Wellness areaSauna


  • 2 days a week for guests at Garni Moser (Monday and Wednesday; 5 - 8 pm)
  • 2 days a week for guests at the Moser flats (Tuesday and Thursday; 5 - 8 pm)
    Included in the price. Reservations are required.

Our tips for the perfect sauna experience and optimal regeneration:

  • Breathe evenly and calmly
  • A suitable fragrance pleases the senses
  • Sauna sessions should last no more than 15 minutes
  • Cool down and rest after each session
  • Don't forget to drink

... simply switch off for a moment and enjoy –
for your relaxing holiday with us at Garni Moser.


We are looking forward to your request!